Generous donors help raise $1,850,000 in 2023 for Sanfilippo research

January 4, 2024

Thanks to YOU, more than $1.85 million was donated to Cure Sanfilippo Foundation in 2023 to help children with Sanfilippo Syndrome. While this is a bit short of our $2 million annual goal, it’s an incredible achievement in a difficult year for everyone, and we know that we have to be bold and daring in the race against this rapidly-degenerative disease.

These dollars allow the Foundation to continue to fund promising projects and important clinical trial opportunities to give children with Sanfilippo Syndrome a chance at more good days and a different future. This is only possible because of every single one of you: the driven and motivated families of children with Sanfilippo, along with the amazing community of supporters that continues to grow and be so loyal and caring.

Together, we are making tremendous strides toward a day when children can access helpful therapies for Sanfilippo syndrome. What a day that will be. And it will be all thanks to you!

Join us in celebrating this achievement for 2023. We are off and running this year and excited for breakthroughs in 2024!

Thank you,
Cure Sanfilippo Foundation staff, partner families, and board and volunteers

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