Every Family Has a Story

Each of these children is living with Sanfilippo Syndrome. Which means… so are each of their families. And they each have their own story to share.

These children and their families make up Cure Sanfilippo Foundation. Why be a part of this effort? Because there is power in unity. We raise funds. We spread awareness. We advocate. We support each other. And we all work together to reach the same goal: Curing children of Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Meet the Kids and Their Families.

The following children and their families are sharing their stories. They share what it felt like the day they learned their child was diagnosed with Sanfilippo. What it feels like to live with it every day since. What it feels like to think about what tomorrow might bring.

Please take a moment to read their stories, and then consider helping.

Would You Like Your Child Included?

It would be an honor to have your family represented among the Foundation’s partner families and as a part of the fight to advocate for and accelerate discovery of a cure.

Let us know you would like to be a part of the Foundation and the Meet the Families page.