Host a Fundraising Event

Thank you for being interested in hosting a fundraising event! 

Every event makes a difference. A lemonade stand. A fundraiser night at a local restaurant. A bowling party. A happy hour. A food truck rally. A 5K run/walk. You name it and it can be a fundraising event.

Each and every one is important and gives the parents of children with Sanfilippo Syndrome hope.

The 5 steps to planning an event

1. Set your fundraising goal.

First determine how much you want to raise. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious.

2. Choose the right type of event.

Next, decide what kind of event will meet your goal. It’s also important to think about when. What’s the best time – day, week, month – for your event that would attract people and align with when they are most likely to be able to attend.

3. Create a budget.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply plan out how much you will spend on event costs (facility costs, materials, recognition, etc.) and how to cover those expenses and reach your fundraising goal.

4. Plan how to collect donations.

This will depend greatly on your event. For a lemonade stand, it could be as simple as a basket. For more formal events, you’ll want The Foundation has resources for collecting registrations and donations; reach out to us to make use of these tools.

5. Promote your event

Don’t be shy about telling people about your event, asking for their support. And then again and again. People are busy and it’s hard to get their attention, so make sure you’re spreading the word about your event over and over again. You can keep it fresh by sharing different elements of the event, why you are motivated to host the event, how people are helping children by participating, etc.

How can we help?

You are wonderful for stepping forward to host an event to help children with Sanfilippo Syndrome. And we’re help to help you. Reach out to us at

There are multiple ways that we can help:

Advice and ideas

We’ve hosted and collaborated with many families and supporters on fundraising events and would be happy to work with you on how to make your event fulfill your fundraising goals.

Event logistics

If you need an online registration site, we can build one for you on or branded platform. If your event requires contracts or deposits, reach out so we can see how we can help you with these.

Promotional materials

Getting the word out about your event is critical, and we can help. Turn to us for assistance with social and print marketing materials for your event. We’ll also promote it on the Foundation’s own website and social channels.

Informational materials

We have several resources that help people understand Sanfilippo Syndrome and are happy to collaborate on which would be ideal for your event.

Appreciation and recognition

We’d love to share our appreciation with your event participants, whether by attending, creating a thank-you video, or sending personalized notes. We’d love to collaborate on how to add our thanks to the folks who put on and attend your event.