Together a cure happens sooner

Taking a 360-degree view, the Foundation funds extensive research into multiple avenues for a treatment/cure, as well as spearheads, supports, and funds initiatives that provide valuable, disease-specific and patient-preference information about Sanfilippo. This combination of approaches leads to better understanding of the disease, more effective treatments, and opportunities for earlier diagnosis.

We partner with academic institutions, bio-technology companies, and other non-profit organizations to support projects that benefit all forms of Sanfilippo (Types A, B, C, D).

Our Chief Science Officer and Scientific/Physician Advisory Board steer and thoroughly vet these initiatives.

Are You Interested in Collaborating?

If you are interested in a grant from or collaborating with Cure Sanfilippo Foundation for a project regarding Sanfilippo Syndrome, please contact us via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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More About Our Collaborations

Learn more about the Foundation’s collaborative mindset and how we drive collaboration beyond research.