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Tackling Sanfilippo Syndrome From All Angles

Your support funds extensive research into multiple avenues for a treatment/cure, as well as spearheads, supports, and funds initiatives that create valuable disease-specific and patient-preference information about Sanfilippo. All of which leads to more effective treatments, and opportunities for earlier diagnosis.

Your support has enabled Cure Sanfilippo Foundation to commit more than $8.5 million to fund and/or to architect 30+ scientific research projects and clinical trials, to conduct qualitative research supporting development of patient-centered treatments, and to refine technologies that could lead to earlier diagnoses.

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Progress You Support

It will take a mix of complementary and/or supplementary treatments to truly come to a functional “cure” for Sanfilippo Syndrome. This may be several different treatments over their lifetime. That is the reason we fund the most-promising science in a variety of research areas

Research & Grants

Thanks to your support, Cure Sanfilippo Foundation funds scientific research exploring multiple avenues for a treatment/cure to Sanfilippo Syndrome. Learn more about all of the research supported by Foundation grants.

Thought-Leadership Projects

Curing Sanfilippo Syndrome is our ultimate goal, and your support also allows us to play a critical roll in influencing the road that leads there. Learn more about the Foundation’s thought-leadership projects.


We believe that bringing together and working with the brightest minds in the world will make a treatment and/or cure happen sooner. Learn more about the Foundation’s collaborative mindset.

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Are you a looking for funding for a project related to Sanfilippo Syndrome? Or interested in getting expert insights into the disease? Learn more.