Funding Opportunities

Interested in Applying for Sanfilippo Research Funding?

Are you a researcher who is interested in collaborating with and/or applying for research funding from Cure Sanfilippo Foundation to study Sanfilippo Syndrome?

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation seeks to support research that fills critical gaps in current knowledge across basic science, clinical care, and translational therapeutics which will ultimately improve the lives of children with Sanfilippo syndrome. Scientist-clinician-patient collaborations are highly encouraged. The Foundation is available to assist in facilitating connections with patients/caregivers to inform the project as needed.

Dissemination of research findings through publications and presentations are required responsibilities of funded applicants.

Some identified gaps in the current knowledge base are listed below. However, we encourage the submission of any project ideas. Applicants should not in any way feel limited to these topics or that these topics will receive priority funding.

  • Vision/retinal pathology and associated biomarkers/clinical outcome measures in patients
  • Clinical and/or biochemical biomarkers of disease
  • Gastrointestinal manifestations, pathology of GI disease, treatment strategies
  • Movement disorder etiology, characterization, translational therapeutics
  • Modifiers of disease phenotype (ie. genetic mutations other than those specific to SGSH, NAGLU, HGSNAT, GNS; or other modifiers, etc.)

For Questions

If you have questions about the Foundation’s funding opportunities, Letter of Intent, or research funding process, email us at