Fundraise Online

Virtual fundraising is is flexible and easy.

There is no right or wrong way to fundraise. People have done some pretty amazing and creative things to raise money to cure Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Big or small. Yours makes a difference!

You can do anything to raise money

Each and every one is important and gives the parents of children with Sanfilippo Syndrome hope.

How Would You Like to Fundraise?

Start An Online Fundraiser

Options about for how you can fundraise through online channels. The most-popular method is a peer-to-peer campaign via a Facebook fundraiser or a crowdfunding campaign through the Foundation’s platform.

Join An Existing Online Fundraiser

Be a part of fundraisers that are already underway and lend your support.

Pledge Your Birthday

Make it your most memorable and meaningful birthday yet. Instead of gifts, ask for donations on your birthday. And we make it easy.