The Big Give 2020 generates nearly $4,000 for Cure Sanfilippo

June 21, 2020

The Big Give 2020

Thanks to many generous donors, the Foundation’s first-ever participation in The Big Give was a great success!

The Big Give, a two-day community giving day in Ohio, raised $3,845 in honor of Central Ohio families affected by Sanfilippo Syndrome, like Oliver Kelly, Reagan McGee, Gabriel Clark, and Taylor Wojnarowski.

Plus, the donations will receive a “boost” from The Big Give Bonus Pool that will likely push the total over $4,000.

Every dollar goes to the Foundation to support its work to accelerate research to discover a cure or treatment for Sanfilippo Syndrome.

“Thank you to the generous people who donated to the Foundation via The Big Give. And special thanks to the families of Oliver, Gabriel, Reagan, and Taylor for sharing their story to continue bringing awareness and funding for research to #CureSanfilippo,” said President Glenn O’Neill. “Together, we are changing the fate of Sanfilippo Syndrome and giving children back their futures.”

Like everything else, research to treat or cure Sanfilippo Syndrome has been affected by the pandemic. Fundraising for research has been significantly impacted. Without strong funding, research and clinical trials for a cure will grind to a halt. Every donation — within and outside of The Big Give — ensures that life-saving research continues.

“People’s generous support of Cure Sanfilippo Foundation during these unprecedented times gives continued hope to the families of children like Oliver, Reagan, Taylor, and Gabriel,” said President Glenn O’Neill. “They ensure that critical research continues without interruption.”

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