Now available: Recording of Ultragenyx Type A Gene Therapy Program webinar

March 29, 2024

Watch recording of this week’s Webinar Update on Ultragenyx’s Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A Gene Therapy Program

The webinar featured Ultragenyx leaders, Dr. Heather Lau and Kristin Voorhees, sharing information about the scientific learnings from the UX111 program to date and future plans for the Type A gene therapy program.

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation hosted this 90-minute town hall webinar on March 26, 2024, in collaboration with the National MPS Society and Ultragenyx. Chief scientific officers Cara O’Neill, MD, of Cure Sanfilippo Foundation and Matthew Ellinwood, DVM, PhD, of the National MPS Society moderated the webinar.

Captions and translated captions are available when watching the recording. To activate captions, click the “CC” button on the video player controls. To enable translated captions, 1) click the gear icon on the video player controls; 2) under the “Subtitles/CC” option, click “Auto Translate”; and 3) choose the language in which you would like captions to appear from the menu that appears.

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