Saving Liv video raises $100,000+ in first 36 hours; gathering media attention

December 5, 2022

Liv’s parents give thanks for support of “Saving Liv”

Olivia Stoop’s parents are on a quest: To raise $1 million for research that can lead to a clinical trial that could save their 3-year-old daughter’s life.

On Saturday, Olivia’s third birthday, they launched a viral video, “Saving Liv,” they hope will help raise funds for research for Sanfilippo Syndrome, a terminal disease like Alzheimer’s in children. It is their daughter’s only chance at life.

By Sunday evening, their “Saving Liv” campaign on GoFundMe had already received $100,000 in donations. Less than 36 hours after the video launched.

On Tuesday evening, Tyler and Erin posted a message expressing their deep thanks to all of the donors.

Media Attention for Saving Liv

The Stoop’s fight has also attracted local media attention.

Kent Wainscott of local ABC affiliate 12 WISN first reported on “Saving Liv” on the eve of Olivia’s birthday and release of the video.

Ashley Sears of FOX6 News Milwaukee aired a feature on “Saving Liv” during its late evening broadcast on Dec. 5, speaking with the Stoops in their home.

Most recently, a feature by Andrea Williams of Milwaukee NBC affiliate TMJ4 aired last night during the evening broadcast. Williams spent time with the Stoop family, as well as interviewed Dr. Matthew Harmelink, a Pediatric Neurologist at Children’s Wisconsin Hospital.

Fundraising Progress

Saving Liv got off to a quick start, fundraising wise, upon its launch. It reached $50,000 within the first 12 hours, Sunday morning. By Sunday evening, it crossed the $100,000 mark, thanks to people sharing the video on social media.

In the subsequent days, donations continue to come in as people continue sharing the video and media outlets help bring the story to new people.

As of early Dec. 7, more than 1,300 people have donated more than $151,000 to help fund research to help Liv and other children with Sanfilippo Syndrome.

“The generosity of people, many of whom are strangers, leaves me speechless and overwhelmed,” said Foundation President Glenn O’Neill. “The many, many people who aren’t directly impact by Sanfilippo, yet hear the plight of families like Olivia’s, and choose to help by donating are crucial to foundations like ours being able to fund promising research.”

“People’s continuous efforts to spread to everyone they know is also critical,” said O’Neill. “We see over and over again, that when kind-hearted people throughout the world hear stories like “Saving Liv,” they are happy to help. They are eager to help. They simply needed to know there was a need.”

Learn more about Saving Liv, including to see the video.

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