Worksheet to help your child’s teacher get to know them quickly

August 12, 2021

“Dear Teacher, I’d like to help you get to know my child”

Parents can complete this worksheet to expedite teachers getting to know their child.

Each new school year starts with a ramp-up period of your child’s new teacher and support people getting to know them. This is true for all children, no matter their behavioral, developmental, or social issues. 

What if you could speed up the “getting to know you” phase between your child and their teachers? Help your child’s teacher get the “cheat codes” to your child. Some quick insights that will hasten their ability to understand and relate to your child.

We created a worksheet to do just that! A worksheet to help your child’s teacher get to know their unique personality faster.


The worksheet is an easy way to give your child’s teacher a little “inside baseball” about how your child communicates, their routine, their strengths and difficulties, and more.

It’s great for any child entering a new grade, new school, or new teacher.

Think of it like a quick “how-to” briefing that your child’s educators can use throughout the school year to better educate and meet your child’s needs and hopefully set the stage for open communication and collaboration.

These prompts are meant to serve as a framework for introducing your child. Some may not be relevant and you may want to add some topics of your own. Feel free to add to the document as you like to make it work for you.

This worksheet to help your child’s teacher is created by Cure Sanfilippo Foundation to assist all families with transition to a new school year, especially those with Sanfilippo Syndrome. Our mission is to accelerate discovery of a treatment or cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome. Learn more about Sanfilippo. Follow us on Facebook.

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