Podcast Episode 2: In Memory of Reagan; New testing created; $1M granted for 5 new projects + more

August 9, 2021

It’s been just two weeks since the last episode of the Foundation’s “A Close Look at Sanfilippo” podcast, and there’s already so much to share!

The podcast’s 10 minutes dives into:

  • The life and importance of Reagan McGee;
  • How your support of the Foundation helped create a new tool to test drugs that can lessen the buildup of heparan sulfate;
  • A sneak peek of the “face” of the Foundation’s next video campaign, coming out later this year;
  • How the Foundation is walking the walk to ensure information accessibility; and
  • Details of the Foundation’s latest grant round of more than $1 million in funding for five new research projects to help children with Sanfilippo.

Listen to this episode of “A Close Look at Sanfilippo” at your convenience on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

A Close Look At Sanfilippo” is a regular 10-minute podcast from Cure Sanfilippo Foundation. Each episode spotlights five hot topics in the pursuit of finding a treatment and giving children with Sanfilippo more good days. And how the Foundation is involved and how it accelerates the mission to get an FDA-approved treatment for the children.

Each “A Close Look At Sanfilippo” podcast is a way for partner families, donors and supporters, researchers and clinicians, and industry partners to hear directly from us. One that you can listen to at your convenience.

“We thank all of our partner families, donors, and supporters for allowing important progress to happen toward helping children with Sanfilippo syndrome,” said O’Neill. “We hope you found Episode 2 informational, covering the impact you’ve made possible. We’d love to hear any thoughts from you, ideas for future podcasts, or questions.”

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