Save Connor campaign reaches $1 million for first-ever Sanfilippo Type C trial

June 30, 2021

The parents of Connor Dobbyn have shared a heartfelt message to supporters, announcing that the Save Connor campaign to fund the first-ever gene therapy clincial trial for Sanfilippo Syndrome Type C has reached $1 million.

The announcement comes days after Connor turned 13 and thousands of people supported the family’s birthday campaign on GoFundMe to reach the $1 million mark to support Cure Sanfilippo Foundation’s funding of the clinical trial. The family hoped to reach $1 million by the end of June in order to pay contracts for materials and steps required to keep the clinical trial on track.

In the message to supporters, the family shared a big surprise …

Deep breath … big announcement! …


All to help fund the first-ever clinical trial to “Save Connor” and other children with Sanfilippo Syndrome Type C.

We are excited to share that Aramark Corporation has made a significant pledge donation that has closed the final gap and brought us over the $1 million mark!! Incredible generosity and corporate philanthropy from Aramark, right here in our backyard of Philadelphia, and we are so thankful to them. What a milestone!!

The reality is that the Save Connor campaign success is only because of each and every one of YOU who have helped us! Because of every person who donated. Every person who contributed multiple times. Every person who shared our video and our story. Who hosted and/or attended fundraising events. Who showed our family love and support that we never even imagined was possible. Together, we did it!

We can’t even describe our emotions at this point. Gratitude, tears, love. Words can’t even express our heartfelt thanks to YOU.

Your generosity means the expenses due this month will be paid, keeping the clinical trial process on track, as well as other expenses in the upcoming months. These steps (plasmid & drug production for toxicology/safety testing) are critical and mandatory steps in the road to the clinical trial happening. We know there are more expenses to come before the clinical trial treating children happens (drug production for the doses for the children in the trial and clinical trial costs) and we’ll have to figure out how those are going to be funded.

But for now, we are just taking a moment to enjoy the relief that the clinical trial process keeps moving forward and to appreciate your unbelievable generosity in making that possible. We also want to take a break to spend a bit more time focused on Connor and Keenan and to enjoy the summer that goes by way too fast!

We will be sure to keep you updated on the progress you’ve allowed to happen, and the next steps.

Again, from the bottoms of hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH! For turning our hope for Connor into something real. Into action.


Marisa and Mike

Save Connor reaches $1 million for Sanfilippo Type C clinical trial

Connor Dobbyn’s family has been fundraising for the clinical trial since August 2019, shortly after their son was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Type C. In October 2020, they launched the Save Connor campaign, centered around a 3-minute video sharing thier family’s story and hope for a different future for Connor. Since then, tens of thousands of people have donated to support the clinical trial that is Connor’s only chance at life.

“It has been amazing to see so many people, even in the midst of a pandemic, to hear a family’s call for help and selflessly answer that call,” said Cure Sanfilippo Foundation co-founder and President Glenn O’Neill. “So many people gave whatever they could to a family they didn’t even know, but their hearts broke for, to give Connor and other children with Sanfilippo Type C a chance at life. It is a vivid reminder that the world is full of good people.”

“We hope each and every one of these donors knows what a difference they’ve made. How they’ve helped change lives today and for the future. They may think they are ‘ordinary people,’ but each of them is truly extraordinary,” said O’Neill.

Learn more about the Save Connor campaign, including the clinical trial it is funding.

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