Could your daily steps help save children’s lives? ????

September 11, 2020
Step Up to Cure Sanfilippo Syndrome

You take thousands of steps every day. And those daily steps can help save children from Sanfilippo Syndrome and keep them walking, running, and smiling. Just by going about your typical day.

Step Up To Cure Sanfilippo is a one-day steps fundraiser where people everywhere are using their steps on Oct. 11 to fundraise for a cure. We are hoping you will participate.

You can ask people to sponsor your typical daily steps. Or set an ambitious goal for people to support. Or anything in between! Do whatever is right for you.

Simply doing it makes a huge difference. Every single dollar you raise is critical. Every dollar is one step closer to a cure and saving children from suffering and dying.

You get started in 3 easy steps:

1. Sign Yourself Up.Click here and select “Become A Fundraiser.” Set your fundraising goal, add a profile picture, and share what is motivating you.

2. Sync With Facebook. With a few clicks, create a synced fundraiser on Facebook and invite your friends and family so it’s easy for them to support you by donating. (Don’t worry, we’ll send you the quick steps after you sign up.)

3. Tell the World. Ask friends, family, and co-workers to sponsor your steps on Oct. 11. Share it via social. Via e-mail. Etc.

Your participation in Step Up to Cure helps ensure life-saving research to find a treatment or cure continues uninterrupted, including three projects currently underway. Research that will help keep these children walking.

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