“I’ll do anything for my child” is pushed to the limits by Sanfilippo parents

August 6, 2020
Haidyn's Hope skydiving fundraiser August 2020

Like every parent, Carrie and Caleb will do anything for their children. Which has led them to facing their fear of heights in order to raise funding for research to cure Sanfilippo Syndrome, which affects their youngest daughter Haidyn.

Carrie and Caleb decided to use skydiving as a way to raise money to keep research going for a treatment and/or cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Their jump was planned for Saturday, Aug. 1, but windy weather forced them to wait until Sunday, which also happened to be their anniversary.

Friends and family turned out to support Carrie, Caleb, and the two friends who joined them in jumping.

Facing their fear inspired local media coverage and more than $5,000 in donations to Cure Sanfilippo Foundation to support continued research.

See news coverage of their skydiving adventure covered by 11 Alive in Georgia.

“Skydiving showed me that there is a very thin line between excruciating fear and courage… and all you have to do is step over that line (or jump out of that plane),” said Carrie in a post on Facebook after the adventure. “The beautiful thing about facing your fears is that when you run towards them full force, fear runs away. As you expose yourself in the middle of your deepest fear, suddenly, fear has no power over you and you are free. The adrenaline rush you feel brings on emotions and feelings that are unexplainable and for me, those feelings reminded me of feelings I had not felt in a long time.

Haidyn's Hope skydiving fundraiser August 2020

“Here’s to being fearless in the pursuit of love, health, adventure, the future and most importantly the fight to find a cure for Haidyn & Sanfilippo Syndrome. I’m just getting started and I hope the world is ready for a ride to fight for my girl,” she continued.

Thank you to Skydive Georgia for helping Carrie, Caleb, and their supporters have an amazing experience.

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