More than $1 million raised so far in 2019 to cure Sanfilippo Syndrome

October 7, 2019

Carson Burroughs, living with Sanfilippo Syndrome (MPS III)

Carson Burroughs, Age 8 |  Missouri | HEAR HIS FAMILY’S STORY

As of Oct. 7, Cure Sanfilippo Foundation has again passed the $1 million-raised mark in a year, thanks to the 70+ partner families and the generous donors nationally and globally who are committed to finding a treatment or cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome. 

This is the fourth year the Foundation has raised more than million dollars, which is remarkable given that it was founded in late 2013.  And there are no plans to slow down in the final three months of the year in order to push towards the annual goal of $2 million. 

“The research, projects, and clinical trials that these donations enable the Foundation to fund are helping continue to accelerate medical options for children and HOPE for their families and parents,” said Glenn O’Neill, President and father of Eliza, MPS IIIA. “I’m truly humbled and in awe of the amazing people who donate to help us cure or treat this disease.”

In recent years, the activities and hardwork by families of children with Sanfilippo Syndrome and their friends has created significant momentum. In 2013, there were no clinical trials happening for Sanfilippo Syndrome. Now, there are multiple. More than ever, a cure feels inevitable among the Sanfilippo community. And donations are what will dictate how fast that new future happens. 

“Every single donation, no matter its size, is so special,” said O’Neill. “Each one brings us a step closer to saving lives and to giving families better days, and more good days, with their children.”

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