Dog mourning his human fights to change fate for other terminally-ill kids

May 9, 2019

Henry was just a puppy when he met the love of his life. Blair was bright eyed and dark haired, just like him, and they bonded instantly. “Constant companions” would be putting it lightly.

Henry The Black Poodle standing guard over Blair ChapinSo when things started to change for Blair because of Sanfilippo Syndrome, Henry was more devoted to her than ever. She needed him, through the seizures, through her body’s slow loss of every ability, even through the moment when she took her last breath. And he was there, standing guard and comforting her.

At the age of 14, Blair passed away on April 4, 2017. Henry misses her every day, but he also fights for a day when special bonds like theirs no longer end too soon because of Sanfilippo Syndrome. He’s hoping to raise $100,000 and has created a three-minute video sharing his story that you can see on his GoFundMe page

When Blair and Henry found each other, their lives changed forever. Help Henry change the lives of other Sanfilippo children, to find a cure, by sharing his story and fight.

See the Facebook post where Henry’s story debuted.

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