Saving Carter Campaign Update

January 28, 2019

Hello Saving Carter Supporters,

Saving Carter Campaign Image SavingCarter.comIt has been a few months since our last update. I apologize for the delay. I will start by saying that in rare disease research, there are often speed bumps and unanticipated hurdles toward getting to a point of clinical trial for children. Often this can push timelines back to a point where decisions have to made about what is the best use of funds, particularly with a rapidly neurodegenerative disease like Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Thank you for your incredibly generous support of the Saving Carter campaign, with all donations directly received by Cure Sanfilippo Foundation. The specific intent of this campaign was to further a direct path to clinical trial for children like Carter, who have Sanfilippo Type A and are age 6 or older. In the few current clinical trials underway, for the most part, only children younger than age 6 are being included. In looking at timelines and the projects in the pipeline, the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation Board has made the decision that there are better opportunities to get to a point of clinical trial for children like Carter, other than the original project planned. While this change was not anticipated, it was
necessary and was made with the specific intent of your donated dollars. It is a positive step forward.

While we are under confidentiality clauses, we can share that thanks to your contributions, we are moving forward rapidly with two scientific Sanfilippo Type A programs which could slow disease progression and improve quality of life. These are now approaching the clinical trial readiness stage and offer the most expedient path to a treatment for children like Carter. When battling time, every step forward is a life bridge to the next promising therapy. We have discussed this with Jen and Samir Sarkar, and they are in full agreement with these new paths forward.

Again, our deepest thanks from the whole Sanfilippo community, for your incredible efforts to further research. Thank you for believing in this mission and as always, our thanks to the Sarkar Family for being core members of Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, in the fight to save children. We will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you,
Glenn O’Neill
President of Cure Sanfilippo Foundation

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation scientific projects underway can be found here.

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