Sale2Save – Lemonade Stands and Yard Sales

An Annual, One-Day, Nationwide Fundraiser to Cure Sanfilippo Syndrome

Every year, families, friends, and supporters of Sanfilippo children host garage, lawn, lemonade, and bake sales around the country to support research to cure Sanfilippo Syndrome, a rare terminal children’s illness. Join us for this year’s Sale2Save on Saturday, June 10.

Nationwide events like these are powerful because of their scale. Think of it like this: if 20 people hold their own Sale2Save in their front yard and generate $500 each, that amounts to $10,000! Image if it’s 50 people raising $1,000 … $50,000! Be a part of that magic.

How to participate:

1. Let us know you’re in. Send us a quick e-mail with your name and location (so we can add you to the map) to Also tell us what is inspiring you to participate; we love hearing the stories of how you became connected with this cause.

2. We’ll help you spread the word. In late May/early June, we’ll send you a template flyer and social images to share with your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

3. Sell some stuff! Grab that junk in the basement that could use a new home. Mix a few gallons of lemonade. Make a couple dozen cookies. And set up on Saturday, June 19, to hawk your wares.

4. Check out our tips for success! Check out the Foundation’s “How to Help Kids Host a Successful Lemonade Stand” guide. It is filled with tips and best practices to make sure you have a good experience.

Tips for hosting your Sale2Save:

  • Recruit your friends and family! They love you, so make sure they know this is important to you and show up. Plus, per laws of sociology, having your sale appear “populated” will attract others to stop by.
  • Spread the word! In the two weeks leading up to your sale, make sure you’re letting people know about it. Talk about it at work, while you wait for soccer practice to be over, and on social media.
  • Kids love it! And people can’t resist them! If your kids are interested, let them help. It’s a great opportunity to teach them service to others, selflessness, and business skills (ever seen kids hustling baked goods; it’s something else). Plus, your beautiful children working for a cause are hard for anyone to deny (we dare them to try!).
  • Partner up! Have a good family friend who would be game to do this with you? A church youth group looking for a project? Look around for your fellow help-minded people and see if they’d like to be a part.