Funding Opportunities for Sanfilippo Research

Interested in Applying for Funding to Research Sanfilippo Syndrome?

Are you a researcher who is interested in collaborating with and/or applying for research funding from Cure Sanfilippo Foundation to study Sanfilippo Syndrome?

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation seeks to support research that fills critical gaps in current knowledge across basic science, clinical care, and translational therapeutics which will ultimately improve the lives of children with Sanfilippo syndrome. Scientist-clinician-patient collaborations are highly encouraged and an area of active engagement for the Foundation.

Dissemination of research findings through publications and presentations are required responsibilities of funded applicants.

Cure Sanfilippo Funding Mechanisms

Pilot Funding Mechanism

$50,000 USD per year (total costs), up to two years

Year 2 funding will be dependent upon progress demonstrated in Year 1

ADVANCE Sanfilippo Funding Mechanism

$50,000 USD or more per year (total costs)

This funding opportunity is intend for proposals with a larger scope of work and funding needs

Fellowship Award Mechanism

$60,000 USD per year (total costs), for up to two years

This award is highly competitive and need-based.

The Foundation’s aim in supporting trainees is to build a pipeline of talent among early career scientists and clinicians focused on Sanfilippo syndrome from within and outside of the field of lysosomal diseases.

A Letter of Intent is not required in order to apply.

All funding awards are contingent upon alignment with the goals and priorities of the Foundation and availability of resources.

Priority areas of investigation

  • Disease/treatment impacts and pathology of the gastrointestinal system (inclusive of the enteric nervous system)
  • Disease/treatment impacts and pathology of the peripheral nervous system and/or spinal cord
  • Personalized medicine and framework mechanisms, inclusive of n of 1 approaches
  • Evaluation of gait and mobility assessments over the lifespan, fit for use in clinical trials and community settings
  • Characterization of movement disorders in patients with Sanfilippo and/or an appropriate animal model, exploration of therapeutics, emphasis on cross disease collaborations

*Exploration of the measurement of these disease impacts/outcomes in patients using clinically applicable tools and tests will be viewed favorably.

Projects outside of the priority areas will also be entertained.

How to Apply

The Foundation’s next call for proposals is expected in first quarter 2024. Investigators will be invited to submit LOIs that allow the Foundation to hear applicants’ novel research ideas and consider their fit within our research strategy prior to inviting full proposals from selected applicants.

Previous year’s forms are available below as reference. Note: Future forms may be different and the purpose of providing previous ones is only to provide insights into past requirements so you can prepare for an upcoming application.

For Questions

If you have questions about the Foundation’s funding opportunities through Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, please email us at