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Carter suffers from Sanfilippo Syndrome, a rare degenerative genetic disorder that will take his ability to talk, swallow, walk; he will develop seizures, will suffer severe dementia and will pass away. They call it a “childhood Alzheimer’s”. Currently there is no cure but we are looking to change that. There is only ONE THING that can change his fate, and we are asking for your help. We are asking you to help save Carter.

Every dollar goes to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, who is funding this trial that can give Carter a chance at life. The research is a novel enzyme replacement therapy that has had remarkable results of helping fix the brain in closely related diseases. 100% of the funds raised here will go toward the research. We are currently racing against time to fund this trial and get it up and running. It will help Carter and so many other kids also hoping for a chance at life.

With Love and Enormous Amount of Gratitude,
Coach Samir and the Sarkar family

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Cure Sanfilippo Foundation

501c3 non-profit
(Tax ID: 46-4322131)

P.O. Box 6901
Columbia, SC 29260