Recognizing MPS Awareness Day 2023

May 15, 2023

Today, May 15, is MPS (Mucopolysaccharidosis) Awareness Day.

Sanfilippo Syndrome’s official name is Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 3, or MPSIII. Sanfilippo is part of a group of lysosomal storage disorders known as mucopolysaccharidoses or MPS.

The other related disorders are:
Subdivisions of Mucopolysaccharidoses

  • MPS 1 H/S (Hurler/Scheie syndrome)
  • MPS I H (Hurler disease)
  • MPS II-(Hunter syndrome)
  • MPS III A, B, C, and D (Sanfilippo syndrome)
  • MPS I S (Scheie syndrome)
  • MPS IV A and B (Morquio syndrome)
  • MPS IX (hyaluronidase deficiency)
  • MPS VII (Sly syndrome)
  • MPS VI (Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome)
  • ML II (I-Cell disease)
  • ML III (Pseudo-Hurler Polydystrophy)

We spread awareness today, and everyday, in honor of all the children living with MPS, those yet to be born and the angels that are so missed.💜

What can you do to help today for MPS Awareness Day 2023? Tell someone about Sanfilippo or MPS, wear purple (the official color of MPS), or do a good deed for someone.

MPS Awareness Day is an international day of celebration to spread awareness of Mucopolysaccharidosis, held annually on May 15.

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