How rare disease awareness can be blended into Trick-or-Treat fun

October 27, 2022

Hand out a bit of awareness along with the Halloween candy this year

One person at a time.

Over and over again, it couldn’t be more clear that the only way to build support for curing a rare disease like Sanfilippo Syndrome is by touching and informing one person at a time.

Because with every interaction, every story shared, we are building an community of people fighting to help these children. Together.

As a part of this community, there’s a way this year’s Trick-or-Treat fun can spread awareness about Sanfilippo Syndrome, along with the candy.

Will you handout a small, friendly awareness card (picture above) along with your candy treats to trick-or-treaters? The card is simply an invitation, “tagging” them to learn more about Sanfilippo.

It’s an easy way to tell others about this cause that’s important to you. And each flyer passed out represents one more person who knows about Sanfilippo. And that’s how progress happens!

You can download a full page of the handout to print, cut, and handout.

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