Cure Sanfilippo expands its website to provide additional information

June 15, 2020

2020 Foundation Website

Information, support, and resources regarding the more than 7,000 rare diseases in the world, which includes Sanfilippo Syndrome, can be scarce. Cure Sanfilippo Foundation has expanded its website to help fill the gap of information about Sanfilippo Syndrome for families and caregivers of children with the disease, physicians and clinicians, researchers, and people looking to support the fight to find a cure.

Upgraded a Step At a Time

Over the past six months, the Foundation has been making steps to expand and improve its website for visitors.

A more sophisticated donation experience was turned on in August 2019. This provided donors with an easier checkout process and ability to track lifetime donations.

The Foundation’s online store of branded apparel and accessories debuted in fall 2019. Partner families have the ability to have individual boutiques with their own identities and branding. Proceeds from the online store benefit the Foundation’s mission.

In late 2019, the Foundation moved to an updated domain,

The Biggest and Most-Notable Changes

The most dramatic update came May 2020 as the visual look of the site was overhauled and content extensively expanded.

As it always has, the families of children with Sanfilippo Syndrome remain front and center of the Foundation’s website. More than 80 families (and growing) tell their powerful individual stories in the “Meet The Families” section of the website.

Also a well-known feature of the website is extensive information about the disease.

New to the website:

The Foundation will continue adding further content in collaboration with its scientific team, comprised of Chief Science Officer Cara O’Neill, MD, FAAP, and the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

The website continues to list all the scientific and thought-leadership projects supported and/or led by the Foundation, thanks to the generous support of its donors.

“To best support and represent the families fighting Sanfilippo Syndrome — their story and this fight, it was time to take the Foundation’s website to the next level,” said VP of Marketing Katie Walton. “Additionally, the Foundation believes the website is a way to support and empower physicians, researchers, and supporters, all of whom are the key to finding a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome.”

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