Video: Foundation provides scientific update, Coronavirus impact

April 7, 2020

Finding treatments and a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome is the mission of the Foundation, it partner families, and families of children with Sanfilippo around the world.

The Foundation is ardently continuing this mission on all fronts, including the science/research, advocacy, and fundraising to move projects forward, as much as possible during this time of Coronavirus.

“As every parent of a child with Sanfilippo Syndrome knows, when battling a rapidly degenerative and fatal disease, these suffering children can’t afford a pause or a slowdown of progress, so we are trying to minimize this wherever possible,” said Foundation President Glenn O’Neill.

Watch this 14-minute video update from Chief Science Officer Dr. Cara O’Neill, updating partner families, discussing the science/research impact from Coronavirus, and detailing the work Cure Sanfilippo Foundation is doing to keep the mission moving forward.

Stay safe, and thank you to the partner families, supporters of the Foundation, researchers who continue to work on Sanfilippo, and those working the front line to battle Coronavirus and those keeping essential services running for us all. 

This video is also available on the Foundation’s Facebook page

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