Sanfilippo girl coronated as Princess Rose, fulfilling her wish

January 4, 2020
Rose Mendoza, coronation 2020 Tournament of RosesRose Mendoza has always loved princesses, especially the part where you wave regally to your subjects.

Rose also has Sanfilippo Syndrome, a terminal children’s disease likened to Alzheimer’s in children.

Volunteer members of the Tournament of Roses volunteer and the 2020 Royal Court worked with Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles to fulfill Rose’s dream of being a princess, complete with a magical royal coronation. 

The wish-made-real had several special moments for Rose and her family. 

In late October, Rose was crowned “Princess for the Day” and enjoyed a day of delights. 

As described by Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles … “On a gorgeous, sunny day in Pasadena this October, the community came out in droves for the coronation of Princess Rose. She was welcomed by the Royal Court, including Rose Queen Camille who gave her a royal makeover, complete with custom princess dresses for Rose and her sister. Then Rose was showered with Frozen-themed princess gifts (her favorite!) before she was whisked off to a tea party complete with rose-infused tea from the famed Langham Hotel and all the sweet treats she could eat. The sound of trumpets beckoned her to the front stairs of the historic Tournament House, where she was surprised to find hundreds of well-wishers who came out with signs to cheer her on. Here she was fitted with her new crown and coronated as Princess Rose of Pasadena. A Pasadena Police Officer even served as her Prince Charming and escorted her to a horse-drawn carriage, which drove her around the kingdom of Pasadena. Rose squealed in excitement the entire day and sang along to her favorite songs while waving to her royal subjects.”

The coronation was featured in The Pasadena Star:

Suffering from ‘childhood Alzheimer’s,’ this Covina 6-year-old became a Rose Princess for a day

In addition to the amazing coronation, Rose rode in the La Puenta Holiday Parade in a vintage sports car and the Covina and Glendora Christmas Parades. Proudly wearing her tiara and sash, of course.

Rose Mendoza in local 2019 holiday parade

On Jan. 1 of the New Year, Rose and her family enjoyed front-row seats at the 2020 Rose Parade. Rose and her family delighted at seeing the marching bands, flower-covered floats, and performers up close. She especially enjoyed the float depicting the parade’s theme of “The Power of Hope.”

Rose Mendoza at 2020 Rose Parade

Rose Mendoza at 2020 Rose Parade

This special honor recently sparked a conversation about wishes between Rose’s big sister and mom Muna, which she shared as a letter to Rose on Facebook:

“Your sister asked me the other day what my ‘make-a-wish’ would be. Well, I didn’t tell her because I thought I’d be too much for 7-year-old heart to take. My wish would be for a cure for this cruel disease. A cure not only for you, but for every kiddo, every family suffering watching their child die right now! It might not have been to much for your sister because she said, ‘I’d wish for a time machine to go into the future get the cure for Sanfilippo and bring it back.’ She knows that a cure will come one day. Rose, you have a whole community around you advocating and praying that future cure comes soon. No matter what the future holds, you will always be our Princess. I know no matter how your life goes, you’ll always be rocking on. We love you more than we could ever say.”

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