Meglio Knives donating 10% of premium knives to benefit Sanfilippo

January 15, 2020

Meglio Knives in San Diego, CA, is known for making the best culinary, chef, utility, paring, and tactical knives from military-grade materials. These premium knives are used by some of the best chefs in the world, as well as home cooks who want an exceptional experience with flair and innovation.

CEO and Founder Brandon Hampton has decided to use their quality knives to make an impact in the Sanfilippo community. He is donating 10% of EVERY KNIFE that is sold in the next run of its preorder 10-inch chef knives to Cure Sanfilippo Foundation.

“As a parent, it’s really tough seeing what they have to go through. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And I’m excited to be a part of trying to make these parents and kids’ lives better,” said Brandon in his Facebook video announcing this special run of knives.

Knives are now available for pre-order and orders will likely ship by the end of April. There’s no limit to the number that will be sold benefiting the Foundation.

All of Meglio’s materials are American made. All of its vendors are located in America. And all of the labor is done in America.

Meglio Knives has done promotions to benefit others in need previously. However, Cure Sanfilippo Foundation is the first charitable organization the knife maker has chosen to benefit. 

“We are very honored to have Brandon and Meglio Knives support the fight to cure Sanfilippo Syndrome,” said Glenn O’Neill, President of Cure Sanfilippo Foundation. “These exceptional knives will last for generations, as will their impact in helping accelerate research to cure Sanfilippo Syndrome. A cure is even closer because of Meglio Knives and its customers.”

Before beginning Meglio Knives, Brandon worked with the mother of Emmy, who has Sanfilippo Syndrome. Their families have remained friends, and that friendship inspired Brandon to find a way to help.

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