Creation of Global Clinical Guidelines for Sanfilippo Syndrome

May 9, 2019

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation is leading the development the first-ever Global Clinical Guidelines for the management of Sanfilippo Syndrome in partnership with the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation (Australia).

Best-practice guidelines for clinical care are critical for both patients and health care professionals in the management of rare diseases where lack of experience and knowledge about a condition often causes late diagnosis and less than optimal management of the condition. Such guidelines allow clinicians and other health-care professionals to make recommendations based on best-available evidence; improve consistency of diagnosis and clinical management across treatment centers; and enable affected families to make informed decisions regarding care and treatment.

As several promising treatments move into clinical trial, the need for Global Clinical Guidelines has become increasingly important. The international  steering committee for this project includes: Dr. Simon Jones, UK (Chair); Dr. Joseph Muenzer, US; Dr. Chester Whitley, US; Dr. Nicole Muschol, Germany; Dr. Nicholas Smith, Australia; and Dr. Roberto Guigliani, Brazil.

Experts worldwide from all of the disciplines of health professionals involved in the care of children and young adults with Sanfilippo will be invited to contribute content to the clinical management guidelines.

These guidelines will be collated and validated by a wider pool of clinicians and the finalized Global Clinical Guidelines published in a peer-reviewed medical journal towards the end of 2019. Production of a family-friendly version of the guidelines is also planned.

This project is supported by a grant from Global Genes and BioMarin Pharmaceutical

Below: The team aggregated by the Foundation to lead the project.
Global Clinical Guidelines on Sanfilippo Syndrome Steering Committee - February 2018

Update: Read the April 2019 Foundation Update for the latest on the project.

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