Creating a Zebrafish Model of Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A

March 6, 2018

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation and Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation (Australia) are delighted to announce we have collaborated again. This joint grant funding is to the Australian Regenerative Institute at Monash University in Melbourne to create a zebrafish model of Sanfilippo. The project, led by zebrafish disease modelling expert Dr. Jan Kaslin and team, aims to produce a new tool to be used in the fight against Sanfilippo!

Dr. Cara O’Neill, Scientific Director of Cure Sanfilippo Foundation said: “We’re pleased to support Dr. Kaslin’s work which will create a new experimental model for the study of Sanfilippo. Unique aspects of the zebrafish model offer the potential to accelerate the rate of drug discovery for children who are in dire need.”

“We’re excited to be funding this project that could open up new avenues for Sanfilippo research around the world, providing a new tool for understanding this devastating condition and developing much-needed new therapies,” said Megan Donnell, Executive Director of the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

Zebrafish are a useful research tool because they allow quick and precise understanding of the mechanisms of disease and can be used in the search for drugs. Zebrafish have already been used to help unlock a number of biological processes behind diseases such as muscular dystrophy. Zebrafish are transparent so the cellular processes inside their bodies can be watched in real-time under a microscope.

Start Date: February 2018

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